“I really want to get to that.”

I seem to have a distant relationship with New Year resolutions. I love to make a huge, ambitious list of them, and then abandon it shortly after the ink has dried.

When January 1st rolls around, I whip out a little Post-It notepad and pen a long, bulleted list of all the goals I think I can accomplish over the upcoming 365 days. I fill the printed lines with the classic, overachieving ideas: travel the world, see the sights, start traditions, keep good habits, kick the bad ones to the curb, and through it all, write everything down. I pride myself on the finished product; it is a testament to just how much I aspire to do for myself, for my personal enjoyment, for simple contentment. For the opportunity to say, “I did it all.”

And then I forget about it. A semester starts back up, engagements get written onto my calendar, assignments have me working through the weekends, and somehow, the little Post-It note list is stuck into the back of a trusty notebook, only to be thought about at busy, inconvenient moments with words that always amount to, “I really want to get to that.”

This is probably the main reason of why this blog post is being written on January 22nd.

Interestingly, the “list” became something bigger than just “New Year” whims, with the bullet points increasing over the past few months. Inspired by various friends, I took an even bigger plunge, resulting in a list ten times as long as any one with resolutions, encompassing all of those previous goals and dreams into one electronic Post-It: 101 things, 1001 days.

A sampling from every major category, from traveling to writing, to seeing it all and simple life plans:

  • Ride a horse
  • Write 15 book reviews
  • Climb the Eiffel Tower
  • Go one week without swearing
  • Go to a museum I’ve never been to before
  • Sleep under the stars

And a whole slew of bullet points that follow those: etc., etc., etc.

The real kicker? The list still has room to grow. The even bigger surprise? It’s already been started.

2012, I’ll call you the year of check marks.


4 thoughts on ““I really want to get to that.”

  1. It seems as if even the title of your blog is an item on your checklist. I wish you luck on your 101, but always remember, it’s the journey to 101 that’s the enjoyable part, not actually arriving there. It doesn’t matter if you only make it to 10 if you’ve had the greatest time of your literal life getting there.

    1. I completely agree. The final destination isn’t as sweet if you haven’t enjoyed the journey. With those invaluable words of advice, I think you’ll like my next post. :)

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