Self, What Should I Say to You a Year From Now?

As a letter writer for @MoreLoveLetters, I script daintily handwritten notes to people I’ve never met, and, most likely, will never meet. There is a comforting solace in this; the idea that your words could enhance someone’s day or bring a smile to their face is truly gratifying. The project captured my heart and my penmanship back in September, and I see a long road of stamps and envelopes ahead of me.

But when I got the January newsletter, the task at hand turned the tables on us eager letter writers. Now, instead of writing to someone in need of a little cheering up, we were asked to write a love letter to ourselves. At first, this idea intrigued me–how interesting would it be to script this letter to myself now, at the start of a brand new (and for myself, life-changing) year, and have it stored in a time capsule until being expedited back to me at the start of 2013? Beyond.

Yet, with all of this avid interest, it took me the whole month of January to finally write this letter. My thoughts kept coming back to one simple, but all-important, question: “Self, what should I say to you a year from now?” Where do I start?

While writing other letters, it is sometimes hard to find the “right” words to say. After reading advice tips and tricks, I found the best anecdote to being at a loss for the perfect sentiment: Write the letter you’d most like (or need) to receive. So while this particular letter project prevented me from penning a self-addressed note for weeks, eventually, I went back to that old advice.

And ultimately, I could read this letter any day of my life and put its very simple message to good use.


“At the start of your final undergraduate semester, I think this card says it all. You’ve worked hard the past four years to get to this looming graduation date, and now you don’t want it to end. The real world and the success of your future can be scary thoughts. There are various pieces of advice that you’ll be given during this next year of your life, but if you listen to nothing else, listen to the two simple words printed on this card: TAKE. TIME. Enjoy the last few months before you take that walk in your cap and gown. Enjoy every moment, and make memories that you’ll keep forever. Take the time to do what you want: read the book you’ve been meaning to get to, book the vacation you’ve always dreamed of taking, laugh even when you’re not feeling your greatest, stay out dancing all night, always greet others with a smile. Become a little fearless. You’ll never get these days, these moments, there memories or opportunities back, so take a deep breath and plunge in. Make the most of every day–time is taken for granted so often; we let it slip away so easily. Dare to dream–take the fantasies that grew in your 5-year-old mind and work them into your 22nd year of life. Remember where you’ve come from and keep in mind where you’re going, and take note of every minute along the way. There is so much out there for you, waiting patiently, and with faith and trust, you’ll find your dreams will be a reality–they just take time to come true.

‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.’ –Henry David Thoreau”


#88. Write a letter to myself to open in 2013 – Day Zero Project

7 thoughts on “Self, What Should I Say to You a Year From Now?

  1. You have spoken to more than yourself here. As beautiful as the letter is, I hope you’ve achieved far more than you thought you would when you read this in the future. This year is yours.

  2. This is something I would’ve written to myself as well, if I had the chance. I’ve just graduated from college too and it’s a very confusing/scary/anxiety-inducing yet exciting/hopeful time. I love how these words engender some calm in the mind even if it’s just for a brief moment.:)

    1. Thanks for reading– I’m really glad you enjoyed it. It really is a confusing/scary/anxiety-inducing/exciting/hopeful moment; it’ll be interesting to see what the future has in store! Hope the time is treating you well, also. :)

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