To The Women of Anchal

For their April campaign, More Love Letters is collecting handwritten notes for the women of the Anchal Project, an initiative that provides alternative careers in the textile industry to women who make a living as a commercial sex worker in India, but would like to find a way out. Approximately 18 commercial sex workers are employed part-time as Anchal artisans, and gather on a regular basis to quilt together. The love letters sent in during the month of April will be distributed to these women as they come together to make a change in their lives.

“Life is a beautiful gift. Our most cherished and lasting memories are stitched together with the murky moments, making a quilt of our past that we must display proudly–it shows how far we’ve come and how much strength we have in us to keep going. When we look back on the collection of events that make up our timeline, we should be able to count the blessings and be grateful for the challenges, be grateful for the lessons we have received to carry with us, of the stories that we have to tell. Your story is an incredible one–it should be sewn into every square of the quilts you create so that someone will come to revel in it, so that it will spread into the world as a glorious victory. To me, your story is inspiring and I will carry it with me into the future as a beautiful sense of hope.”

With Love. XOXO

To support the Anchal Project, visit their website.
Send a letter to More Love Letters for the Anchal Project this month. Writing not your thing? Consider donating $1 or 2 to the More Love Letters IndieGoGo campaign— we need your support to help supply our postage! Only 2 days left to give!

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