It’s That Time Of Year, Folks

…the time of finals.

A week ago, all I could think was, “I’m a senior! Senior week activities are coming up! I’m graduating in about three weeks! And then going to Europe! And then finding an apartment near NYC! And I’m going to be away from classes and homework soon! Yippee!”

Fast forward to now: “I have a huge drawing final to do in less than two weeks and no motivation. I have a desktop publishing final project that I’d like to take extra seriously so I can add it to my portfolio. I have three more paintings to finish. I have to create a teapot for my ceramics class. I have to apply to ALL THE JOBS and anxiously await some type of offer. I have to go look at apartments in the NYC area and then worry about whether I’ll be making enough money to afford their rent + my student loans + food. Or I’ll just Ramen noodles for the next few months.”

Life is stressful sometimes, huh?

So excuse me while my to-do list, schedule, head, life are a mess, because I’m going to make every moment of these last three weeks count.


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