What A Joy To Exist Under Those Lights

“It’s an amazing thing, to live inside a skyline.”

We cruised around your southern tip, the wind whipping wildly as we threw camera phones into the air to get a snapshot of Lady Liberty, watching the sparkling Brooklyn Bridge glide overtop of us, adjusting our zooms to get the most perfectly cropped shot of your moonlit skyline. We threw our cares away for a while, staring into the skyscrapers from our distance out on the water, the waves lapping gently against the hull, flashing her most appropriately given name: The Spirit of New York. We were certainly feeling the spirit deep down in our souls.

It’s an amazing thing, to live inside a skyline. When you travel day by day, you look down, watching your feet and the stretching sidewalk, never taking a moment to glance up. You rush from place to place while glancing at your watch, swearing that the second hand is moving too fast and if you could just have a few more minutes. But when you’re out on the Hudson River, floating thousands of feet away from the dock, you can’t help but fall under the beauty of those skyscrapers, the twinkling of the endless miles of lights, the thought that the city that never sleeps is the place that you call your number one love.

And you’ll suddenly be amazed at the journey, the moments it took to make it this far, to come to this point, where you’re able to stand back and say, “This is my life.” And you’ll retrace your steps, and relive those moments, and thank God for all the mistakes, the failures, the blessings, the heartbreaks, the decisions that led you here to the present. And you won’t regret a single thing. You’ll realize you worked so hard to come this far, to make it.

It’ll take your breath away on a different level than the typical day by day. And you’ll stand back and think, “What a beautiful blessing in disguise. What a joy it is to exist under those lights. What a moment to revel in the sights.” It’s an amazing thing, to know you live inside a skyline.


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