A Month Of Mail, Week #1

While perusing Twitter one day, I was intrigued and inspired by a fellow tweeter’s creative hashtag. They had at least a tweet a day marked with “#monthofmail,” stating that they had created a mission for themselves to send a piece of post for every day of that particular calendar month. Naturally, I had to do this, too.

So I compiled a list of 31 people to send letters, notes, or cards to throughout the month of July. And each day, I sit myself and script out words that I feel I need to say to whoever is scheduled for each day with this quote in mind: “Some people we come to know in life are truly amazing, and there is a no greater sin than to never let them know.”

Here’s week one of my #amonthofmail project:

July 1: a birthday card to my nephew.

July 2: a letter to my favorite high-school teacher.

July 3: a letter to a college roommate.

July 4: a birthday card to my current roommate.

July 5: a letter to one of the best people to talk to.

July 6: a birthday card to one of my best friends.

July 7: a thank you note to a friend’s mom.

Month of Mail blog updates will be posted every Saturday during July.
Want to follow along with my project on Twitter? See me tweet.
Visit my #amonthofmail Pinterest board, featured by More Love Letters.
Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Final Recap


12 thoughts on “A Month Of Mail, Week #1

    1. I actually just stumbled across a stranger’s tweet with the hashtag included. When I asked her about how the project started, she said she just came up with it on her own- that she always loved snail mail and was tired of feeling guilty for owing people letters. Her twitter is @miniaturerhino. I loved it so much that I had to do my own. I would be very excited to see yours. :)

  1. I LOVE this idea – I need to start it!

    Thanks for your comments and follow :) I’m not sure what happened to the thread on 20sb but I’d love for us to swap guest posts!

    Whenever I’ve done this before I’ve just had people email me over their posts and then posted them with a link back to the writer’s blog, so hope that would be okay? Let me know if you’re still interested and how you’d like to ok this, and if possible I’d like your post by the end of July so I can get it all set up before I go away. Wooooop, how exciting!

    Great blog :)


    1. You’re certainly welcome for the follow. :) And I’m glad you like the idea of this project I’m working on! It has been a great experience for me.

      I’d definitely like to swap guest posts- I’d probably have a spot for yours sometime during the month of August, if that’s okay? And I could definitely have something for you by the end of July! Looking forward to it!

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