A Month of Mail: The Final Recap

July has come and gone. I wrote out a list, checked it twice, and scripted 31+ letters for some people who are most important to me. It only takes about ten minutes to pen out a thank you, an ‘I miss you’, or an ‘I appreciate you’ sentiment; I did all three of those and more, and the experience could not have been more rewarding for my heart and soul.

Before I go into more mushy, gushy details, here are the final three letters of my #amonthofmail project:

Day 29: a letter to my first-grade teacher.

Day 30: a virtual letter to my amazing, and irreplaceable, family.

Day 31: last, but certainly not least- a letter to my mom.

It all started with a little inspiration from a #hashtag on Twitter. I found @miniaturerhino tweeting out the #amonthofmail hashtag and when I asked her about it, she stated it simply: she was writing a piece of mail to a different person for each day of a calendar month. Easy, peasy. I immediately knew that this was something I had to jump into, too. And to let her know I’d followed in her footsteps, of course.

Boy, was she right about that! As each letter I sent was dropped into the mailbox on the corner, I heard back from the recipients in various ways: word-of-mouth, tweet, text message, Facebook post… all heart-warming and rewarding. Here are some of them:

Day 3: a letter to a college roommate.

Day 5: a note to a great friend.

Day 7: a thank-you letter to a friend’s mom.

Day 8: a letter to my ‘big sister.’

Day 10: to an amazing best friend.

Day 12: note to a friend inside a borrowed book.Day 18: a note to a friend in a rough spot.

Day 22: to my redheaded best friend.

Day 23: letters for @livfierce‘s bundle in honor of her birthday.

Day 24: to an amazing world-shaker I am glad to be connected with.

Day 25: to a friend I’d love to reconnect with.

Day 26: letter to a social media superstar.

Day 27: a letter to the founder of More Love Letters.

Day 30: to my amazing, and irreplaceable, family.

Another rewarding part about this project? Receiving encouragement along the way.

…and last, but not least: inspiring others to start their own #amonthofmail. You can keep up with Lee’s letters by following her on Twitter or Instagram (@leonoradee); follow Molly’s project through her blog posts. More Love Letters is also currently posting a Love Letter A Day on their website.

I finish this project feeling inspired, rewarded, freer, giving, and loved in return. What a great incentive to continue to spread love letters throughout the world! Thank you for following along with this project’s journey.

Visit my #amonthofmail Pinterest board, featured by More Love Letters.
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8 thoughts on “A Month of Mail: The Final Recap

  1. Wow! All those responses are just amazing! This sounds like a random question but what kind of thing did you write in your letters?

    I’d love to do it but I don’t think I’ve got the commitment (I know sucky excuse right!)

    1. I wrote whatever I felt I needed to say to the designated person in my letters- most of them were notes of how thankful I was to know that person. They included memories, stories, inside jokes, etc. Was a ton of fun! Keep it in mind, even if you don’t do it for a whole month! ;)

  2. This was such a cool project to follow along with! I loved reading all your updates & I loved receiving a card! It’s so funny reading everyone’s replies that people were surprised because I felt the same way! It’s so fun getting mail & even better when you don’t expect it! Think you’ll ever step it up to “a year of mail?” haha that would be quite the project to take on!

    1. A year of mail would be quite the project, for sure! ;) I don’t know if I could ever commit to that, haha, but this has definitely inspired me to write more letters and mail in general. I’ve already written more since it ended- I don’t think they’ll ever stop now!

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