#EmergencyLove: Giving Gifts in Those “Just Because” Moments

A week ago, the team at More Love Letters sent out a call for some #emergencylove. We asked those following our social media streams to pin their hearts to a letter request that hit close to home for me: emergency love letters for my best friend in the wave of a startling break-up story.

Let me personally thank you for flooding my mailbox.

I took these beautifully written notes of encouragement, support, comradarie, and love and packaged them into a “break-up survival kit,” complete with a carefully crafted playlist and BFF gift coupons, the kind that include no expiration date. Because every girl deserves a little package wrapped tightly with a bow during the most extreme feelings of heartbreak.

And the delivery could not have been more gratifying. Between the excitement and surprise of receiving a gift, to the explanation of the call for love letters, to the tears shed at gratefulness and pure love over the words of these carefully penned notes, the reveal could not have become a better moment.

We sat in my car in the mall parking lot reading letter after letter. And we both cried over the kind words from all of these beautiful strangers from all across the US. And we both realized that love reaches far beyond what we ever really expect.

I’ve fallen head over heels with love stories and the power of snail mail all over again. I’ve also fallen in love with gift giving for the “not traditional” occasions: the break-ups, the you did it! moments, the just because‘s. Officially starting a chapter with a lot more letter writing, gift giving, and an outpouring of love.


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