Notes To My Future Husband

This small series of posts was inspired by Erin Daly, who writes letters to her future husband. I thought the idea was so endearing, that I’ve started my own batch, and thought it’d be fun to share the “notes” version of them on my blog. (This may make men very wary of me, and make me sound super weird, but I can live with that.)

1. I don’t wear make-up.

Sure, I used to rummage around the plethora of lipsticks my mother kept in the bathroom and stare down my reflection with each new shade I applied to my 8-year-old lips, but that little dress-up trait didn’t follow me into adulthood. I’d rather save myself the hassle and keep my skin cleaner. They say au naturel is the way to go, anyway.

2. I have some “embarrassing” songs on my iPod.

NSYNC. Backstreet Boys. 98 Degrees. Aaron Carter. If it’s of the 90’s pop genre, it’s probably found a home tumbling through my earbuds. But that’s not where the obsession ends. I went to see the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block a year ago. And if NSYNC ever had a reunion tour (in my wildest dreams), I’d be in the front row. And forget it if any of these songs ever come on the radio in the car… you’ll find me turning up the dial, singing at the top of my lungs, and breaking out any of the dance moves I remember to Britney’s “Oops, I Did It Again.” Sorry for your potential embarrassment, but I’m not ashamed.

3. Lots of things make me cry.

A heartfelt, inspiring story on TV. A random act of kindness. A blessing in disguise. A little, every day miracle. A serious conversation. Past memories. The news. Thinking about everything I’m thankful for. Even the smallest romantic gesture could make me bust out the waterworks. Just a warning to have the tissues ready.

4. Every girl has celebrity crushes.

I think you’re really adorable, but I will also continue to think that Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Adam Levine, Shia Labeouf, and Justin Timberlake are really adorable, too.

5. You can’t put me inside a box.

Simply put: I am who I am. I can’t be pinned down and it won’t do you any good to try and change me.

6. I really, really, really love Taylor Swift.

Like, I think of her as my soul sister. One of my best girlfriends. The girl who obviously lives a parallel romantic life to me because her songs are so similar to the pages of my diary that I feel like I co-wrote them. I don’t expect you to analyze the lyrics with me or sit next to me at her concerts (that’s what my best girlfriends are for), but I would prefer it if you don’t pass judgment when I rock out to her CD’s while using the remote control as a microphone.

7. Our closet will have a lot of shoes in it.

Or, at least, my closet will. Yes, I’m already considering separate closets; it’ll make things easier in the long run, trust me.

8. Sour gummy candy is the way to my heart.

Or chocolate with toffee. Or brownies. Or vanilla cake. Okay, never mind this one.


7 thoughts on “Notes To My Future Husband

  1. 1. This makes me feel better about my Taylor Swift love. I literally feel like we are living concurrent love lives sometimes. Maybe it’s our age, too, being the same? 2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t wear makeup. 3. Your taste in celebs = yesssss. 4. Sour patch kids Wawa run = my high school story.

  2. Hm. I have a real “future husband” (I think I might adopt that term, it conjures up images of androids, whereas “fiance” sounds poncy). This post makes me wonder what I could tell him that he doesn’t know yet. Probably many things, though I don’t know what they’d be. Perhaps, “I never thought I’d give up my CAT for a MAN, but I have for you. I have betrayed her many years of devoted loving. How do you know I won’t betray your many years of devoted loving in exactly the same way?”

    (Maybe that wouldn’t go down well. Who knows?)

    It also makes me wonder what notes he’d write for me. He’s the one that cries easily….

  3. So I don’t know why I’ve never realized that you LOVE Taylor Swift as much as I do. Favorite song on RED? I can’t decide. I may have to steal this idea from you. I really love it and definitely can relate to some of your notes. (By the way was listening to I Almost Do when I found this post.)

    1. Thanks for linking back to this post!

      I don’t think I can decide on a favorite– but the ones currently on repeat for me are All Too Well, State of Grace, 22, and Everything Has Changed.

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