Notes To My Future Husband: II

This small series of posts was inspired by Erin Daly, who writes letters to her future husband. I thought the idea was so endearing, that I’ve started my own batch, and thought it’d be fun to share the “notes” version of them on my blog. (This may make men very wary of me, and make me sound super weird, but I can live with that.)

I made the decision to make this a multi-part series,
and had to post one today as my cousin is getting married tonight;
happy wedding day, Tim & Colleen!

All posts in this series:
Part I | Part II

8. I’m a creature of habit.

I stack an unnecessary amount of pillows in the same configuration on my bed every day. I have a specific order for each fast-food restaurant I visit. I perform the same three tasks before getting into bed every night. But no day plays out exactly the same for me, either. It’s all in the little things.

9. Please don’t speak in riddles.

Admission: I’m in love with metaphors and figurative language, and can really appreciate a good analogy, but if these pop up in every. single. serious. conversation. we have, we’ll be running in circles. Honesty and saying exactly what you mean are high on my list.

10. You need to fit in with my family.

And there’s a lot of them to fit in with. And we’re kind of on the crazy side. We crack lots of jokes, curse like sailors, fill up red solo cups, and pick on each other. And we expect you to be able to take it and keep track of it all. (Don’t worry, I can draw you a family tree.) Because no matter how much smack we talk, we love each other beyond words. It’s kind of serious.

11. I know how to laugh at myself.

See the above explanation and you’ll understand that a thick skin is required.

12. But that doesn’t mean you can constantly make fun of me.

I still have feelings that you can hurt, you know. There’s a line somewhere.

13. I “keep up” with the Kardashians.

It’s my guilty pleasure. I find myself curling up on the couch with a pint of ice cream in hand to see each new episode, so that I can crack up at their ridiculous antics and fawn over their fabulous clothes. No shame.

14. We don’t have to geek out over Valentine’s Day.

Hallmark wants you to run out and buy 6 greeting cards that all profess different sentiments, a bouquet of roses in my favorite color, a box of chocolates that I’ll probably only eat half of, and find the perfect dinner reservation with all the other husbands. But I’ve never been a huge believer in Valentine’s Day. So, let’s not stress out over February 14th, and just rejoice in the fact that we love each other every day of the year.

15. Football? I don’t know that language.

You can try to teach me about quarterbacks and field goals all you want– my dad has been trying since he took me to my first Eagles game at the age of 6. (The only thing I remember about that night was the giant wasp that landed on my hat during the national anthem and the high pitched scream that came out of my mouth.) So, good luck. I might not retain any of the information, but I’ll think you’re cute for trying.

16. I’m going to pull a Taylor Swift; you will end up in my writing.

Lucky for you that I’m not one of the biggest pop stars in the world, so these mentions of you will probably just stay in the pages of my journal.


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