hitRECord hits Philadelphia


If you know me at all, you know that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my ideal man. You might also know that I’m a huge fan of his collaborative production company called hitRECord. So when hitRECord announced a tour date in Philadelphia three days after my birthday, it was like a sign that this was the perfect birthday present for me to give myself.

And let me tell you, this show was freaking. rad. If hitRECord is ever putting something on near you, GO. It’s creative, expressive, interactive, hilarious, and really worth it. I mean, they’ll soon be having their own TV show, too (and you know who will be tuning in every time… this girl).

Here are some of my favorite RECords that were featured during the showcase.

Dragon Egg: Tiny Film

Strawberry Bootlaces

Mademoiselle Noir

Yes Were Sinking

loops (we can go back)

(That last song was stuck in my head for the entire week following the show. I mean, it’s so catchy.)

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love Joseph Gordon-Levitt or hitRECord more… but now I do.


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