On the 5th Day of Letter Writing…

I love the written word. It has the power to express our deepest emotions, our most complex thoughts, and our wrapped-up secrets. It has the ability to share news, bridge gaps, and cause a smile. It also has the capacity to carry heaps and heaps of love.

So I find it funny that I run out of words when trying to describe how special More Love Letters is to me. Because, really, it is just that amazing. An organization that scripts handwritten notes to those who need them most? I was hooked from the very instant I found the website, a month after Hannah Brencher founded it. And I could not have asked for a better gem to find hidden in the tangles of the internet– because this team has become my family. It has produced some of my closest friends. It has provided me with support, advice, inspiration, dreams, and so, so much more. And for all of that, I am beyond grateful.

Whenever a letter request rolls through my inbox, I pull out my box of stationery (yes, a whole plastic storage container devoted to housing the pretty notecards I’ve stockpiled over the past year) and script a little love. Yes, to someone I’ve never met. But to someone who needs the love most of all.

And during the holiday season, what is better than spreading a little love and joy? Nothing. That’s the meaning of Christmas, after all! And to sign, seal, and stamp a letter? It’s really very simple.

Over at More Love Letters, we’re celebrating the holiday season by hosting the 12 Days of Letter Writing, where we write letters for a different deserving recipient for each day from Dec. 3-14, and mail them off in secure little bundles by the new year. And you can join in on the process– sign yourself up for the requests, write for as many of the remaining requests as you are able, and submit some mail to our P.O. Box; it’s a greedy little thing that loves seeing the post pile up.

Even if you can’t dedicate yourself to all of the days, consider writing for at least one or two. Perhaps this request, on our 5th day of letter writing, will get your pen moving:

Love Letters for Johnathan

“Johnathan celebrated sixth months sober just a few days ago. In his short two decades of life, he’s seen parents divorce, a brother die, and numerous friends stunted by drug addiction. He was just recently promoted at work and is finally feeling better about his life and himself. His letter requester wrote, ‘I believe that I will not always be a part of his life, although we are both major supports for each other right now. I want for Johnathan to learn and always remember that no matter how many people he loses, there will always be more love to be found and that he will never have to be alone as long as he remembers never to stop searching for the light.’ We have such an opportunity to bless this man’s life. Please help us in sending him a big ol’ bundle of love.”




Writing to Johnathan?
Drop your letter in the mailbox by Dec. 14, addressed to:
More Love Letters
Johnathan’s Bundle
P.O. Box 2061
North Haven, CT 06473

Not sure where to begin? Peruse our starter kit.
Want to know more? Read up on our mission.
Interested in who’s behind this? Meet the team.

Also! Connect with us on Twitter & Facebook.

Be sure to also check out my fellow Day 5 featured blogger, Giulietta.

I hope you’ll join me in scripting out some love for Johnathan– and that you’ll join in on the future endeavors of More Love Letters to spread love and light all year long. Sending you beautiful blessings.


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