30 Lessons 2012 Taught Me

Every day teaches us something. Whether it’s monumental + life-changing, simple + useful, or doesn’t end up showing its intended purposes until days, months, years later, there is a gem hidden in every single day. Thanks to 2012 for teaching me these things (+ plenty more).

  1. The people you meet via social media can end up being your closest friends.
  2. It’s terribly difficult to find an outlet in NYC.
  3. There is a bug known as a “spider cricket.”
  4. Cleaning out your closet can be insanely therapeutic.
  5. It can also lead you into a severe case of “going down memory lane.”
  6. It’s possible to share a bed with someone for two months and still be BFF’s afterward.
  7. Red jeans really do come in my size.
  8. A handwritten letter has more power than a drafted email.
  9. The Eiffel Tower sparkles at night.
  10. You should never, ever, ever change yourself for someone else.
  11. There is such a thing as “catfish.”
  12. Southern folks sure do know how to eat.
  13. Taylor Swift just keeps getting better.
  14. Wearing patterned socks puts me in a better mood.
  15. You shouldn’t feel bad for saying “no” to something; there’s probably a good reason for it.
  16. The frightening feeling of airplane turbulence is worth it to see your destination.
  17. There is always comfort in between the pages of a book.
  18. The people you think you know inside and out can always surprise you.
  19. Diner pancakes always test better at 2 AM.
  20. The phone works both ways.
  21. Double-decker buses really are cooler on the streets of London.
  22. If you want to accomplish something, you can’t sit around and wait for it.
  23. It’s really nerve-wracking to have your dinner served to you by ninjas.
  24. Spending a night with your girlfriends always trumps the bad mood you were in.
  25. Joseph Gordon-Levitt really is just as adorable in person.
  26. Putting pen to page after a long hiatus feels just as good as the first time you did it.
  27. Sometimes it’s a good idea to bite your tongue.
  28. You shouldn’t have to settle.
  29. Peppermint potato chips should not be a food item.
  30. There is always space for you to try something new.

Cheers to all of you; here’s looking at a beautiful + bright 2013.


4 thoughts on “30 Lessons 2012 Taught Me

  1. Your red jeans comment made me think of the orange dress pants I bought yesterday – never thought I’d say that, but man, if you’re going to be a big kid you might as well have some fun with it.

    I’m glad you finally wrote your list! I know I wrote mine a while back and you said you wanted to as well. This is a pretty solid group.

    1. Yes! I loved your list, and was totally inspired by it. And your philosophy is a golden one– you have to make the most of being an adult!

  2. Sarah,

    #1-I met someone for the first time in person earlier this year who I have been corresponding with for over 4 years through social media. She has become a very good friend.

    #9-my daughter got engaged at the Eiffel tower while we were in Paris two years ago and promptly had her purse and passport stolen. She still loves the Eiffel tower and the sparkling lights.

    29#-I had no idea that peppermint potato chips were a food item. I think I need to try them once. Peppermint is supposed to help you run faster. Runners will try anything to be faster :)

    The top things I learned this year.

    Never give up on yourself.

    Always listen to my wife. She has never led me wrong although I must confess that I am a very slow listener much to her dismay.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Social media is a very powerful thing, for sure. And if you try the potato chips, let me know your verdict! Hope your new year has been off to a wonderful start, Ross. :)

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