A Life Sealed With Love

What does it mean to live a life sealed with love?

It means pulling boxes off of the dusty shelves and reminiscing at the contents of the photographs inside them. Turning over black and white, sepia, and color images in your hands and finding plenty of moments to smile about: when you stood in front of Stonehenge in the pouring rain wearing touristy ponchos, that first high school dance when you obviously didn’t know how to do your hair, a sleepover where you played Mad Gab throughout the night and were so bad at guessing the right answers. All of those little moments with the people who matter most remind you that everything you’ve had and still have are things to be grateful for. They remind you that each bit of laughter, smiling, and happiness leads to living a life sealed with love.

Over at More Love Letters, we’ve partnered up with the USPS(!!) to bring you a beautiful campaign all about spreading the love, and here’s what a few of the lovely team members said in answer to this question:

“To me, a life sealed with love means holding the people you love close, living a life you love, and giving back to the world. It’s making memories while enjoying the quality of time and not the quantity of time.” —Anita

“To me, living a life sealed with love means taking advantage of every moment, every day, and living it intentionally. Not sitting idly by and letting the world spin around, but rather opening my heart and appreciating everything it has to offer. My days are full of love and  gratitude for the people around me, whether my best friend or strangers on the street.” —Leonora

“A life sealed with love means that I put my whole heart into everything I do.” —Paige

Join us in living a life sealed with love.

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