Be Like Alice

alice in wonderland There used to be certain days when I was afraid of the moon. It would appear in the sky in crescent form and I’d hide my eyes from the backseat of the car, incessantly asking when it would be out of sight. In my mind, that moon was the Cheshire Cat’s smile, and I feared that if I kept my eyes on it for too long, that slinky row of teeth would pull me down into the rabbit hole with Alice and the white hare. I was terrified of being stuck in a land full of Tweedledee’s and Tweedledum’s, that the Queen of Hearts would behead me after witnessing my awful flair for painting the roses red, and I wouldn’t have the courage to defeat her and return to the place I called home.

I grew up wanting to live inside a fairytale. I wished for a coach pulled by white horses to meet me at my doorstep and whisk me away to a castle in the midst of the woods with a library just for me. I wished for a Prince Charming and a pair of pristine glass slippers that were just the right size. I wished for a “happily ever after” and a “all their dreams came true.” I dreamed of living a life that was bigger than the one I would leave behind. I ached for a Cinderella story.

And what girl doesn’t let her mind wander to thoughts about her fairytale? About a white dress and the perfect shoes? About the knight in shining armor who’ll whisk her off her feet and stand beside her forever?

But are we letting the idea of a fairytale overshadow the other plot lines of our storybooks? heart

Do we focus too much on finding the perfect romance that we let our other dreams and wishes fall to the wayside? Are we too concerned about finding happiness in someone else that we forget that we can create it for ourselves?

Perhaps it’s better to be like Alice. To have a sense of adventure that leads you hopping off after a rabbit who is far from punctual into a world where anything in your imagination is possible. To be curious enough to carry on a conversation with a Mad Hatter over a cup of tea. To have a streak of independence that causes you to play a wildly chaotic chess game in a world of nonsense words and characters and eventually be crowned queen. heart

To take each moment as it comes.

Maybe your prince will come someday, or maybe there won’t be anyone to save you as a damsel in distress. But in the meantime, you have the power to create your own Wonderland.


2 thoughts on “Be Like Alice

  1. Thanks for another artful post! Even though I’m a guy (and so my own fantasies were being that knight, defeating that dragon), I definitely am guilty of that search for a supplementary partner rather than a complementary one. I ought to be whole in myself!

    I’ve actually taken a year off of the “search,” otherwise known as my-life-prior-to-this, in order to find a Me that I’m happy with on my own. “Dating yourself,” a friend of mine says, “is the first important thing to do! How else can you know how to date others?” And so far it’s going OK. I’ve spent two months away from home for school, and it’s been golden. Now I’m back home and I’m curious to see how the rest of the 10 months are when I’m in my routine. Hopefully I can find a little nonsense to make it interesting.

    1. Thanks, Adam! Completely agree that a person should feel whole within themselves before searching for the “perfect” partner.

      I hope your year off is worthwhile! I’m sure it will be. Taking time to get to know and understand yourself is always beneficial. Just do you! :)

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