Scripting Love to Emma

In the spirit of the holiday season, More Love Letters annual “12 Days of Love Letter Writing” campaign is 12 days packed to the brim with love letter requests, social media mayhem, giveaways, holiday cheer, and (of course) non-stop scripting of handwritten letters for individuals around the world who are so deserving of some extra holiday cheer. Join in on the fun from December 9-20, 2013; grab your cocoa and get more details here!

i love you cocoa and cursive

The holiday season is most importantly about spreading love and kindness. Sometimes, when we get caught up in the stress of buying gifts and meeting deadlines, we forget that there are simple ways to spread joy to those who need it. So in honor of day eight of #12DaysMLL, I need your help in scripting words of encouragement to a beauty of a girl named Emma.

Below is her story, written and submitted by her mother:

“Emma is traveling through the teenage years and is finding herself struggling with the usual suspects of acceptance, body image, relationships, parents, siblings, and school success. After an amazing first year of high school, Emma is finding herself floundering and her usual coping mechanisms are not working, so she has engaged in some less positive coping mechanisms. Emma is a dedicated competitive swimmer and an awesome volunteer swim coach to young swimmers. Emma loves music. She is a writer with two NaNoWriMo novels under her young belt. She needs to know how important she is to her family, her friends, and her swimmers. She needs to know these trials of the teenage years are not permanent and she will make it through. She needs love.”

letter to emma

My letter to Emma:

“Most lives are not distinguished by great achievements. They are measured by an infinite number of small ones. Each time you do a kindness for someone or bring a smile to their face, it gives your life meaning. Never doubt your value, little friend. The world would be a dismal place without you in it.”
— Lisa Kleypas


There were plenty of days in high school when I felt like I didn’t quite belong, days where I was very unsure about my place in this world. I felt like I didn’t quite fit in. My thoughts about who I was supposed to be changed every. single. day. and there were times when I gave in to the pressure and acted like someone I wasn’t. But all of that uncertainty led me to find exactly who I was supposed to be; it made me become more comfortable in my own skin. You, Emma, are a blessing to many— your family, your friends, yourself. You have a beautiful light inside you that will radiate for everyone to see— sometimes it just needs a little polishing, a little reminder that you are worthy of every piece of happiness this life has to offer you.

Sweet girl, you are worthy of the world.

With love + hope,

How to send some cheer to Emma:

1. Grab your favorite pen, a pretty little piece of stationery, and script a letter full of heart.

2. Seal the envelope with care and add this address:

Emma’s bundle
c/o Laura A.
2217 Dufferin Road
Regina, SK S4S 5B5

3. Stamp it up and drop it in the mailbox by December 20th.

Don’t forget to snag some photos of your letter to Emma and share them with the More Love Letters community. Include @moreloveletters + #12DaysMLL on Twitter and Instagram.

Fellow Day 8 Bloggers:

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2 thoughts on “Scripting Love to Emma

  1. What a wonderful letter! I especially love the quote. I too wrote my letter for Emma today and found that her story hit very close to home. My sister who is a junior in high school also is struggling to find herself, I think more than ever girls their age need to be reminded of how loved they really are.

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I love that quote, as well. Sometimes we just need a very simple reminder. Happy to hear that you wrote a letter to Emma— high school tends to be a tough time for many of us, so it’s important that we can band together to encourage those who need it!

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