My name is Sara and at the ripe age of six, clad in a pinafore dress and shined buckle shoes, someone put a pencil in my hand and a belief in my head that I could craft a story on a piece of blue-lined notebook paper, that the words I saw on the pages of books like Lady & The Tramp could one day be my own. They convinced me that all I had to do was write my thoughts down in my extra-large, swirly, hearts over the lowercase i’s penmanship. And that was that.

And somewhere between creating an illustrated guide to the alphabet, writing a plethora of bad, angsty, middle-school poetry, and countless upon countless entries into diaries, I formed a certain Taylor Swift-esque outlook: I write to feel a cure. I have too many words written on my heart to leave jumbled up inside my head, and I write them down to feel some sort of therapy, some sort of justification to the fact that I pinned my heart to my sweater sleeve long ago and have no intention of hiding it away in my back pocket any time soon. heart

I’m a girl who reflects a pretty presentation, but also has numerous layers to be peeled away at, who cannot be summed up in a small number of words from Merriam-Webster’s. I don’t want to wrap the world up in a pretty bow and write my emotions off with an inspirational quote. I don’t want to disguise heartbreak with too many metaphors. I don’t want to run through the muddy waters of life alone with too heavy a heart. I want to pen the nitty and gritty details down and weave them into stories full of intricacy and vulnerability. And I want someone, somewhere to read these words I have harbored inside of me and say, “I feel it, too.”



I earned an English degree back in 2012 with the desire to work in book publishing, while still holding full intentions to pen a one day, someday novel. I’ve been treading through the blogosphere since January 2012, when the number of filled notebooks on my shelves was growing at a rapid pace.

I’m a firm believer that The World Needs More Love Letters and I serve as one of their Campus Cursive Coordinators, helping spread their mission of love & light with college campuses around the world. My fanatical love of reading led me to create a virtual book club called Close Reads Cafe, which brings together avid readers who have a thirst for good lattes. You can also catch me as a featured blog contributor over at So Worth Loving.



I’m only a 23-year-old East coaster who loves shades of blue, mugs of hot coffee, & Oxford commas, but I’m ready and willing to share every little story I have within my bones with you. heart Everything of love & loss, sunshine moments & rainy day clouds will be documented in creative nonfiction on these pages.


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