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The Instagram Effect: Hiding Behind Social Media

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Social media gives us the power to share the pieces of our lives that we see fit for the Internet. We can share whatever good moments we choose on Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds, but can decide to leave the messy, broken moments unseen. It’s the equivalent of shoving all your dirty clothes under your bed when your mom tells you to clean your room.

for I Am That Girl

A Detour On My Dreams

girl in a taxi

But a year after getting my degree, it turns out that I still live with my parents. My 9 to 5 job is searching for jobs. My newest skills include re-designing resumes and writing countless cover letters. My visions of apartment hunting and furniture shopping are on the back burner. It turns out that my big plans are a little harder to reach than I originally envisioned.

for So Worth Loving

A Love Affair With Bedtime Tales

bedtimetalesI fell in love with stories underneath a comforter spotted with violet blossoms. I fell in love with tales at bedtime of Belle in her enchanted library and Lady and the Tramp sharing a plate of spaghetti. I fell in love with the rainy day antics of a cat in a striped hat and a little fish with rainbow scales. Between those lines and those countless pages, I fell in love with the magic a simple story could bring to my imagination.

for Melissa Boles

Waiting for a Real Life Love

real-life-loveI imagined everything from the delicately white dress and the bouquet of wildflowers to the wedding band he’d slip onto my left hand. I dreamed of the tiered cake and the toast from my maid of honor. I even dreamed of the house we’d live in, with blue shutters and a perfectly manicured lawn. I was so fascinated with the idea of falling desperately in love and starting a new chapter of my life to share with that person I couldn’t live without.

for So Worth Loving

This Messy Thing Called Love

guest-post-kaleighYou don’t know the animal of love when you’re thirteen. You know the simplicity of “like.” You know that you like the boy who plays center field for the community baseball team, and you like that he wears his favorite hockey jersey as if it’s the only shirt he owns, and you like how he meets you at the swim club in the middle of Saturday afternoons, because it’s the halfway point between your houses. But you don’t know love.

for Rewriting Life

My Freshman Fear: Colossal Changes Up Ahead

freshmanfear“Even if you stumble, you’re still moving forward.” This is ultimately what college teaches you. It’s not always about the perfect GPA; it’s okay to interrupt the professor and ask for help. It’s not always about racking up an amazing social life; by the time you’re a senior, you’ll likely have fallen out of touch with most of the people you met freshman year. It’s about the journey.

for HUGStronger


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